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Thousands of Toastmasters recently descended on the city of Las Vegas to attend the 84th International Convention. Over the four day event, I had the pleasure of meeting a number of toastmasters from all over the world. Each of us were not only there to improve our leadership and communications skills but to network. Each of us was a proud ambassador of our clubs. It was an awesome experience!

What about you? Would you like to become an ambassador for your club? Have you started to other clubs in your area/division? If so, why not share what you have learned, your observations and comments with your fellow toastmasters?

You can do that by joining the District 4 Club Ambassadors Program for a rewarding experience!

Please email me, Janice Hom, Club Ambassador Program Director, at

Club Ambassador Wall of Fame!

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Blue: 3 - 9 Visits

David Singer (3)
Nazila Malekpour (3)
Parminder Sandhu (4)
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Silver: 10 - 19 Visits
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Gold: 20 - 39 Visits
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Platinum: 40+ Visits

Fewer than 3 Visits:

Aubrey Carrier, Christina Tai, David Spence, Emily Juan, Frisco Dorr-Pozos, Karen Schraga, Kelley Neilsen, Marc Miller, Stefanie Chow, and Susan White Rose

What ideas are Ambassadors taking back to their own club?

  • Reaching out to those who couldn't attend through a meeting summary.
  • Holding occasional special events.
  • Having a sign in sheet for the participants (members and guests) to keep accurate records.
  • Adding the names of the officers in meeting agenda for the benefit of our guests.
  • Having large place markers with, for the officers, their titles on them.
  • Giving a CL ribbon to a member who had recently earned his award.
  • Having a dedicated member sews their ribbons by hand onto their Toastmaster banner.

Looking back at 2014-15

Lessons learned by Ambassadors during 2014-15

  • The Ah-counter uses a standard template to tally counts
  • Guests' names were listed on the whiteboard for all to know
  • A name card for every attendee (member and guest)
  • A formal induction ceremony for new members
  • Ice breaker introductions every meeting where every member introduces another member
  • Having membership kits available for guests.
  • Standing ovations for icebreaker(CC #1 speech) and inspire your audience(CC #10 speech).
  • Organized agenda with explanation of meeting responsibilities.
  • Starting and ending meetings on time.
  • An assigned greeter to welcome guests.

2014-15 Club Ambassadors

Blue Level

  • Lorraine Myers
  • Derek Wong
  • John Gill
  • Clemence Tiradon
  • Melissa Goldman
  • Demi Chizgi
  • M. Kathryn Tobisch
  • Zonker Harris
  • Carrie C. Iwamoto
  • David Singer
  • Anna Garcia
  • Lydia Lee
  • Belinda Mulliken
  • Lillian Hull
  • Lynn Stuart
  • Kelley Nielson
  • Hari Sanghvi
  • Deborah Ferry
  • Stefanie Chow
  • Matt Birmodiz

Silver Level

  • Janice Hom
  • Joseph Fernandez
  • Aubrey Carrier
  • Nicole Tran

Gold Level

  • Michele Gibson

Fewer than 3 Visits:
Christina Tai, Wayne Liang, Doris Tse, Charles De Vogelaere, Kurt Sims, Sandeep Moza, Jeffrey McLaughlin, Chinika Gunn, Shayesteh Zarrabi, Javier Llerena, Ankur Agarwal, Ze Lin Xiao, Ken Boyer, Solu Nwanze, Marc Miller, Emily Juan, Grace Yeh, Ben Yeoh, Bina Mehta, and Ravi Ganesan