Kavitha1Public Relations Manager - Kavitha Badhri Mallika, CC, ALB
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Any strong organization needs exceptional leaders and invested members. Since May 2011, I've interacted with such Toastmaster speakers, leaders and members from 3 different Districts and across 2 Continents. I've learned a lot and have become a vocal proponent of the value of Toastmasters. So, when I heard about the unique District PRO role to support the north and south D4TM districts, I jumped at the chance.

As an early adopter of social media platforms, I am immensely aware of their reach. I want to leverage this to forge a strong relationship between the d4tm leadership team, all officers and our current and future members. My goal for the toastmaster year 2015-2016 is to work with my team and ensure that we all can REAP the benefits of Toastmasters and Journey Forward Together.

REACH with ease, the resources provided
ENGAGE with others and gain from their experiences
ADDRESS needs as an officer or member
PROMOTE awareness amongst the general public

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