"Happening” Division H!

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How many Divisions can say their territory includes a major international airport within them? Division H can! In fact, when people ask where Division H is, I say “the airport – and north to Daly City, South to San Carlos and West to Pacifica.”

At a recent District Executive Council meeting, we got a lot of laughs when holding up a large wooden H every time our Division was mentioned. This creative symbol will help the rest of District 4 remember us as H for Happening!

Lots of great things are “Happening” in Division H! We are featuring just one of the events that Division H hosted recently. A team of enthusiastic and high-energy Toastmaster Volunteers from Division H, coordinated the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) with the District. The TLI was held on August 8th at Genentech in South San Francisco, to great acclaim! We were happy to welcome over 120 Toastmasters and guests from all over the District. Not only were Club Officers able to attend valuable training, but everyone had the chance to network with other Toastmasters and join 10 breakout workshops on a wide variety of subjects.

The day started with wonderful motivational keynote speeches from Aubrey Carrier, Program Quality Director, North, and Katherine Pratt, District 4 Director. These talks got the audience excited to learn more!

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Most of the group then split up to attend seven Club Officer Trainings, with experienced Toastmasters facilitating discussions about each role. COTs offer the best platform to exchange ideas with others who are serving in the same role at different clubs. No one can sum the success of the training better that Christy Crawford (Pacifica PM) exclaiming “I feel empowered!” after her SAA training with Michael Chojnacki. This is the spirit of Division H!

At the same time as the COTs, Kathleen Maxwell helped people create more meaningful presentations by including stories from their own life experiences. It was common to hear attendees excitedly remarking, “I didn’t realize I had so many stories in me!”

Another said, “I am so glad I took this workshop! I had a few [CC] project speech ideas that were getting nowhere, but after today, I will be able to go back easily and fill them in.”

This TLI gave us all a great chance to network, and hear a wide variety of information. Other breakout sessions included:

  • Membership Building and Retention
  • Running a Speech Contest
  • Pitching Your Ideas at a Moment’s Notice
  • Branded for Success
  • Effective Evaluations
  • Fearless Conversations
  • Win Table Topics Contests
  • Speakers Bureau
  • American English Rhythm and Intonation

Here are some quotes and photos from these sessions and the COTs.

“What a great day everyone had! Huge Success!” – Mary Edmunds, presenter of the American English breakout session. President's Officer Training: "You cannot be successful if you don't have goals for your club that are measurable." Mastering Table Topics with Daniel van Doorn: "I've learned to not apologize during table topics and go with the flow. That's how I've learned and grown."

Branding with Rita Barber: "You have a brand, whether you like it or not."

Pitching Your Idea with Roy Terry: “Building a rapport is important and Toastmasters is great for picking up that skill!"

Feedback from the attendees about the TLI in general:

  • "I'm never disappointed when I attend the TLI events."
  • “Thank you for coordinating this. I really had a good time. I see all the effort your team put in.”
  • “So great that Genentech does this. You really do everything with first class.”
  • “What a wonderful event filled with a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm!”

Finally, such an event does not happen ‘magically’. The following volunteers and teams put in many hours into coming up with a successful TLI:

Mare Repetto, Event Chair
Tasha Ford, Logistics, Food and Countless other things
Aubrey Carrier - Program
Dennis Chase - Food
Cassandra Garcia - Registration / Trainer printouts
Carol Lahti - Registration
Jason Hsieh - Logistics
Sandra Simms - Functionary
Chris Wing - Public Relations
Mary Wong - Public Relations / Registration
Division H Team
District 4 Leadership Team

- Written By Dennis Chase, Division H Director 2015-2016

- Edited By Mugdha Dharkar, Kavitha BM and Aubrey Carrier