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Toastmasters Bay to Bay

The District 4 cable access show, Toastmasters Bay to Bay, has been taping on a monthly basis since September, 2008. Check out prior episodes here – you are sure to know some of the speakers/television stars!

Episode 74: 2015 May
Samya Boxberger-Oberoi explores emotional, mental and spiritual well being in "The Philosophy and Science of Yoga". Denet Lewis asks us to consider diamonds as an investment in "A Portfolio's Best Friend". Alan Davis and Annamarie Buonocore evaluate our speeches. Our featured club is Promasters. Sharon Corgile hosts.



Faces of Four

Tête-à-tête with District 4 Toastmaster members. Do you know a fellow member who should be featured? If so, e-mail with the details.  You can read prior member features here.

KK faces aug15August 2015 Karthik Kalpat, DTM
D4TM Division-G Director, 2015-2016
Area Governor of the Year, 2014-2015

Here is one interview you don't want to miss if building powerful teams, true leadership and effective communication matters to you. In the interview Karthik Kalpat redefines communication by helping you think of yourself as a leader.

VP: Karthik, please tell me a little bit about your journey at Toastmasters
KK: I have been a Toastmaster since Feb 2013 (about two and half years). I received my DTM recognition on July 1st 2015. In this time, I have served as VPE (twice), President, VPM and SAA in my club(s). I also served as an Area Governor, Sponsored a club, run a Youth Leadership Program, contributed to the District realignment committee and hosted COTs.

I joined Toastmasters like most other people to improve my communication skills and to learn to speak in front of an audience without hesitation. What I did not anticipate was how many opportunities I got to perform a leadership role.

VP: Where do you think Toastmasters made a difference in bringing you out of your shell?
KK: My reluctance to talk to a stranger has vanished. I have learned to strike up many an interesting conversation and am comfortable sharing words or appreciation with them. In return, I get smiles, compliments and friends. This has improved the quality of my interactions and made a positive impact on my life itself!

VP: Have you discovered positivity in leadership with the help of Toastmasters?
KK: One of the things I learned from TM communication stream is that the nervousness in speaking goes away when you concentrate on the message rather than how the audience is responding to you. It is different when you are working on your leadership track. You focus on what you are doing for others rather than what you derive from an action, i.e., focusing on doing the right thing, sensing everybody's needs and acting accordingly.

VP: Communication is the cornerstone of leadership. Do you agree with that? If so, how do you think it happened in your experience as a leader?
KK: For me personally, at work and at the club level, I did not get off to a very good start. I had been a manager for a few years before I joined TM. What I realized was that I had not been a leader in that role. There is a very big difference in being a manager and a leader. As a manager I was telling people what to do, how to do it and what exactly I needed down to the last detail. I was a good manager. But serving as a Director at work and the Club President at TM, I started to work with a very good team of people and learned to delegate work and trust them to do their best.

VP: What is your secret wish list for Toastmasters and how would you tie up your vision for Toastmasters in that list? What is your tagline for Toastmasters?
KK: Many members still don't get the tangible benefit of being a leader. I think there should be a better way to encourage people to understand these benefits and reiterate to them that everyone is a leader here at Toastmasters.

My tagline for TM is "Leaders create more leaders". Three months into TM the VP Education of the club left us. I wanted to take up that role and my mentor said, "I think he can do it. I want to let him do it". This kind of support and encouragement has given me the confidence time and again.

Also a good leader should not be threatened by talent perceived to be better than him/her, a leader should not be afraid of that. They should think that they can spread their wings and perform better with more talent on the team. If nobody can do what you are doing today, then you can never do more tomorrow. So good leaders train other people to do what they are doing and in that process become better themselves.

- Interviewed by Vidyangi S. Patil (PR Team District 4 - Toastmasters)
- Edited by Kavitha BM, Katherine Pratt


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