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Except as noted, all the information shown below is from Toastmasters International Club Performance Report as of September 1st.


Lucky 7 Clubs

Clubs which have all 7 officers trained before the end of February and which trained at least 4 officers in the June-August cycle receive $75 in District Credit. This report was updated on 03/28/2016.

Area Club   Area Club
A1Monterey Peninsula Toastmasters Club 934   F4ESV Toastmaster
A3Surf City Advanced Toastmasters   F5Cisco Speaks Toastmasters Club
A3Redwood Ramblers Toastmasters   G1Optical Orators
A3831 Storytellers   G2Sparksense@Sunnyvale Toastmasters
A4Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters   G2MoToast
A4Pajaro Valley Club   G3Silicon Valley Toastmasters
A5Xilinx Xpressionists Toastmasters Club   G4Juniper Jabbers Club
A5True Talking Toastmasters (TTT)   G6SaVy Toastmasters Club
A5Silicon Valley Storytellers   G6Wharton QuakeMasters
A6Adlibmasters Club   G6Study Group Toastmasters
A6Almaden Valley Orators Club   G6Mountain View Toastmasters
B3SCUMBAT Club   H1High Spirits of Toastmasters
B5Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese English Toastmasters)   H1Visa Speakers' Circle Toastmasters Club
B6Saratoga Toastmasters Club   H1Guidewire Premium Presenters
B6Cupertino Morningmasters   H2Foster City Toastmasters Club
C3Palo Alto Toastmsters   H3San Mateo Storytellers
D2EPA Speak Easy   H4San Mateo Toastmasters Club 191
D3IMPACT Toastmasters   H6Genentech Toastmasters Club
D3Toast of the Mission   I2Stagecoach Speakers - 525 Market
D4Puc(k)sters Toastmasters Club   I2San Francisco Bilingual Cantonese-English Toastmasters
D5McKesson Toastmasters Club   I3Rhino Business Club
D6SoMa Toastmasters   I3Shield Speaks Toastmasters Club
E1United We Speak Club   I3Stagecoach Speakers Frontier
E1Stagecoach Speakers-SF Financial District   J1Laser Sharp Speakers
E1Spanish Bilingual SF   J1AMD Speak
E2San Francisco Toastmasters   J1Destination Articulation
E4First Republic Toastmasters   J2ToastMeisters Club
E5Asian Express Toastmasters Club   J2Coherent Communicators Toastmasters Club
E5Rainbow Toastmasters   J2Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters
F1Vanguard Toastmasters   J3Next Step Toastmasters Club
F1ArtICCulators Club   J4MCA Toastmasters Club
F1ABBYY Talk   J4nSpeak
F2Cadence AHgorithms Club   J5NCVI Toastmasters
F4Mandarin English Toastmasters San Jose   J5Great America Speakers


Smedley Stretch and Smedley Award

Clubs adding 5 or more new, reinstated, or dual members between August 1 and September 30 receive the Smedley Award from Toastmasters International. Clubs which add 7 or more new, reinstated, or dual members during that time also complete the Smedley Stretch and earn $50 in District Credit. This report is updated daily.


Early Achievers

Clubs achieving 5 or more Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals by October 31 earn $100 in District Credit. This report is updated daily.

Early Achievers

AreaClubGoals   AreaClubGoals
A1Early Risers Club10   C2GGU Toastmasters9
A1Electric Toasters Club7   C2Toastmasters For Health7
A1Move Fast and Say Things5   C3San Francisco Storytellers5
A2SAP Toastmasters9   C3Dolby Speakers6
A3Lee Emerson Bassett Club9   C4Puc(k)sters Toastmasters Club7
A3Palo Alto Toastmsters9   C4SFAR Toastmasters Club5
A3Stanford Toastmasters5   C4San Francisco Renaissance Toastmasters Club8
A4Menlo Park Toastmasters Club8   C5Crownmasters Club5
A4SRI Organon Club5   C5Fightin' 49ers Club6
A4Wellness Toastmasters9   C6Everybody Speaks Club7
A4A9 Toastmasters5   D1Cable Car Toastmasters Club8
A5San Carlos Toastmasters (formerly Speak4Yourself)8   D1United We Speak Club6
A5Point Of Order Club7   D1Stagecoach Speakers-SF Financial District9
A5All EArs Club5   D1Linkedin San Francisco6
B1High Spirits of Toastmasters9   D2San Francisco Toastmasters9
B1Visa Speakers' Circle Toastmasters Club9   D2Toast of the Bay6
B1Guidewire Premium Presenters9   D3UC Oracles Toastmasters Club5
B2Foster City Toastmasters Club10   D4Sierra Speakers Toastmasters9
B2OracleDirect Toastmasters - RWS8   D4SF Japanese-English Toastmasters (JETs)5
B2GToast10   D5Rainbow Toastmasters8
B3Millbrae'ers Club5   D5FiDi Toastmasters9
B3Promasters Toastmasters Club10   E1Money Talks Toastmasters Club9
B3San Mateo Storytellers9   E1Electric Toasters Club8
B4San Mateo Toastmasters Club 1919   E1Spanish Bilingual SF10
B4Pacifica PM Club5   E2Golden Gate Toastmasters Club9
B5Thermo Fisher Toastmasters Club6   E2Stagecoach Speakers - 525 Market9
B5Plane Talk9   E3Rhino Business Club10
B6Daly City Toastmasters9   E3Stagecoach Speakers Frontier9
B6Peninsula Toastmasters5   E4Shield Speaks Toastmasters Club7
B6Genentech Toastmasters Club10   E5SF Toastbusters7
B6Actelion Toastmasters5   E5Evening Stars9
C1Townsend Toastmasters9   E5San Francisco Mandarin English7


These clubs have achieved 4 of the 5 DCP goals needed to join the Early Achievers.

AreaClubGoals   AreaClubGoals
A1Superspace Toastmasters4   C5Toasters Digest4
A4Stand & Deliver4   D1Speakers Ink4
A5Redwood City Orators Club4   D5Asian Express Toastmasters Club4
B4Chamber Speakers Circle Club4   D5Eloquent Elocutionists4
C1OpenDNS4   E1Global San Francisco Toastmasters4
C2Twilio Toastmasters Club4   E3Salesforce Toastmasters4


September Sanity

Clubs renewing at least 75% of their base membership by September 15 receive $50 in District Credit. This report is final.

AreaClubRenewed   AreaClubRenewed
A1Electric Toasters Club90.91%   C3Demandforce76.92%
B1San Carlos-Belmont Club100.00%   C5Quantcast Toastmasters Club78.26%
B1High Spirits of Toastmasters80.00%   D2San Francisco Toastmasters103.85%
B1Guidewire Premium Presenters87.88%   D3Opportunity Speakers Toastmasters Club100.00%
B2Foster City Toastmasters Club87.23%   D4SF Japanese-English Toastmasters (JETs)77.78%
B2GToast97.30%   D5Asian Express Toastmasters Club85.71%
B3Millbrae'ers Club81.25%   E1Money Talks Toastmasters Club91.43%
B3San Mateo Storytellers90.00%   E1Spanish Bilingual SF76.00%
B3NetSuite "Suite Talkers" Toastmasters Club100.00%   E2Riverbed Toastmasters88.89%
B4San Mateo Toastmasters Club 19178.00%   E3Rhino Business Club90.91%
B5Thermo Fisher Toastmasters Club88.24%   E3Stagecoach Speakers Frontier85.71%
B6Daly City Toastmasters90.00%   E4Shield Speaks Toastmasters Club75.00%
C2Toastmasters For Health79.17%


Clubs That Have Added the Most New Members Since July 1st, 2015


District 4 Clubs That Have the Most Number of Members


District 4 Member Educational Awards Achieved Since July 1, 2015

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Member Educational Awards in Each Division